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Portland needs dissent…from the mantras of dogmatic progressives, from the foibles of elected officials who are more interested in esoteric ideas than in people’s real-world problems; from the somnolent local media who can’t point out that the governors have no clothes; from the deplatformers and shadow-banners and the forces that have driven dissent into the shadows and sidelines.

Or…short version: enough already!

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We aim to create a consortium of local voices (not all will agree with one another) who will write without fear or favor (as newspapers used to say). Most have been banned from our local media “comments” pages. If you don’t like what we’re saying, write a rebuttal. We’ll run it.

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Richard Cheverton

This town needs more voices, less singing in the choir. More argument, less conformity. We'll be grumpy, disrespectful of authority, question the beliefs du jour...and we won't be banned.

Pamela Fitzsimmons

A former newspaper reporter/editor, now bearing witness to Portland’s self-destruction.